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  • Sanitizer Dispenser – Floor Based

    Sanitizer Dispenser – Floor Based

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  • Sanitizer Dispenser – Wall Mount

    Sanitizer Dispenser – Wall Mount

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  • Covid 19 Perspex Clear Screen Bottom Oppening

    Covid 19 Perspex Clear Screen Bottom Opening

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  • Perspex Shields – desk screens

    Perspex Shields – Desk creens

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  • Perspex Shields – desk screens

    Perspex Shields – desk screens

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  • Perspex Shields – desk or counter top screens

    Perspex Shields – Computer Desk or Counter Top Screens

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  • Screen Contract Perspex

    Screen Contract Perspex

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  • perspex cocoon screen

    Covid-19 perspex screen + Contract Fabric

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  • Covid-19 Perspex Clear Screen Extension

    Cocoon – Perspex Screens

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  • Acrylic screen- cutout

    Perspex Portrait Divider Screen

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  • Photo from Brain Bank

    Perspex Portrait Foldable Portable Screens

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  • perspex screen installations

    Perspex Portrait Screen

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  • Stoney-Canteen-Table

    Stoney Canteen Table

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  • 900X600MM-PORTRAIT


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  • safely-distance

    Safe Distance Sign

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  • Hand-Shake-Free-Zone

    Hand Shake Free Zone

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  • COVID-19-Poster-Frame-Stand-A3-COVID-19-Social-Distancing-Poster-Included

    COVID-19 Poster Frame Stand A3 – COVID 19 – Social Distancing Poster Included

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  • Covid-19-Certificate-Holder-A3-Covid-19-Social-Distancing-Poster-Included

    Covid-19 Certificate Holder A4 – Covid 19

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  • Free-Standing-Foot-Operated-Sanitation-Dispenser

    Free Standing Foot Operated Sanitation Dispenser

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  • Germ-Cleaning-Equipment

    Office Equipment Cleaning Fluid

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    Stainless Steel Waste Paper Bin No Lead

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  • Hot-And-Cold-Water-Dispanser

    Water Dispenser Cold and Hot Water

    R630.20R7,216.25 Select options

    Powershred 125i Paper Shredder Cross Cut

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  • General-Tea-Trolley-SS

    Tea Trolley

    R4,252.70R7,824.60 Select options
  • Nurture-Red-Styled-1

    Nature Port Planter

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  • Artificial-Plant

    Round Ndebele Planter

    R1,964.20R2,434.55 Select options
  • Solid-Flat-SS-planter

    Stainless Steel Round Solid Planter – Office Accessories

    R1,943.50R2,015.95 Select options
  • PRFSS-planter

    Round Perforated Flat Planter

    R2,124.05R2,198.80 Select options
  • Perforated-planter-SS

    Mobile Round Perforated Planter – Stainless Steel

    R1,355.85R1,827.35 Select options
  • Sale!

    Mobile Round Square Punch Planter

    R1,073.00R1,549.05 Select options
  • Sale!

    Wooden Tea trolley

    R3,598.00R5,628.00 Select options
  • Wooden-Coat-and-Hat-Stand-Imbua

    Wooden Coat and Hat Stand | Office Accessories

    R1,830.80R2,502.40 Select options
  • Dell-S300S300W..Projector-Soft-Carry-Case

    Dell S300/S300W..Projector Soft Carry Case

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