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  • silverline-heavy-duty-standard-steel-2-seater-table

    2 Seater Silverline Bench

    R3,910.60 R3,910.60 Add to basket

    Airport Bench Die Cast Aluminium

    R12,420.00R19,320.00 Select options
  • Barcelona-Von-Der-Rohe-3-Seater-Black

    Barcelona – Von Der Rohe 3 Seater Leather

    R19,360.00 Select options

    Chaise Lounge – Periany

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    George Nelson Wood Bench 1.5M Long

    R7,040.00 R7,040.00 Add to basket
  • Laminated-wooden-bench-with-horizon-look-1

    Laminated Wooden Bench Horizon Block – Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Bench

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  • Laminated-Wooden-Bench-Butcher-Block

    Laminated Wooden Bench Butcher Block – Stainless Steel Frame

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  • 3-seater-die-cast-aluminium-e1547200492300

    New Chrome Deluxe Square Aluminium Bench

    R4,050.00R8,759.00 Select options
  • Nucleus-Bench

    Nucleus Bench – Heavy Duty Benches 1.8 M

    R12,846.65 R12,846.65 Add to basket
  • Sale!

    Premier Seating Stainless Steel Silverline Bench

    R15,220.25R44,799.35 Select options
  • silverline-bench-1

    Silverline Bench BLACK PU CUSHIONS (2/SET)

    R690.00 R690.00 Add to basket
  • Public-Seating-4-Seater-Black-1

    Silverline Bench L Shape Black

    R2,490.00R5,170.00 Select options
  • Public-Seating-5-Seater-Silver-1

    Silverline Bench L Shape Silver

    R2,490.00R5,170.00 Select options
  • silverline-bench-1

    Silverline Bench Screw Into Floor Connectors

    R100.00 R100.00 Add to basket
  • Stainless-steel-5-seater-wrong-seats

    Silverline Stainless Steel Airport Bench

    R4,180.00R10,640.00 Select options

    Silverline Steel Bench Heavy Duty Curve

    R2,940.00R7,310.00 Select options
  • Slimline-FURSL01SS

    Slimline Bench – Heavy Duty Steel Benches 1.5 M Long

    R12,130.20 R12,130.20 Add to basket
  • Little-Lots-Silverline-stainlesssteel-centurion

    Stainless Steel Airport Bench

    R5,020.00R13,530.00 Select options
  • Sale!

    Stainless Steel Silverline Bench

    R8,599.00R18,199.00 Select options

    Standard Slatted Bench Rubber Deck – Heavy Duty Steel Benches

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  • Zed-Wooden-Bench

    Zed Wooden Bench Oak Frame

    R6,906.00 R6,906.00 Add to basket

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