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  • Techno-T900-4-LEG-CURVE

    T900 Techno 4 Legged Executive Chair

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  • dialogue-high-back

    Dialogue Office High back Chair

    R3,130.20R3,620.45 Select options
  • Como-New-ML-6283B

    Como Operators Leather Office Chair

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  • Restuarant-Bench-Black-Leather

    Restaurant Bench 1800

    R6,499.00 R6,499.00 Add to basket
  • Restuarant-Bench-Black-Leather

    Restaurant Bench 1200

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  • Restuarant-Bench-Black-Leather

    Restaurant Bench 700

    R3,999.00 R3,999.00 Add to basket
  • Cafe-Bench

    Café Bench 1200

    R3,899.00 R3,899.00 Add to basket
  • Washington-Ottoman.-Squarejpg

    Washington Ottoman

    R2,499.00 R2,499.00 Add to basket
  • Washington-Middle

    Washington Middle Sofa

    R2,999.00 R2,999.00 Add to basket
  • Washington-Corner

    Washington Corner Couch

    R0.00R7,280.00 Select options
  • Victoria-Double

    Victoria Double Couch

    R9,645.00R25,400.00 Select options
  • Victoria-Single

    Victoria Single Couch

    R0.00R16,655.00 Select options
  • Toronto-Single

    Toronto Single Seater

    R4,699.00 R4,699.00 Add to basket
  • St-Helena-arm-Double-Black

    St. Helena Double Seater

    R6,534.00R19,840.00 Select options
  • Peru-Corner-Unit-L-Shape

    Peru L Shaped Couch

    R13,977.00 R13,977.00 Add to basket
  • Oslo-Double-couch

    Oslo Double Seater

    R4,999.00 R4,999.00 Add to basket
  • Norway-Double-couch

    Norway Double Seater

    R7,999.00 R7,999.00 Add to basket
  • Norway-Single-armchair

    Norway Single Sofa

    R5,999.00 R5,999.00 Add to basket
  • Nevis-Double-couch

    Nevis double Couch

    R5,000.00 R5,000.00 Add to basket
  • Pinnacle-Executive-High-Back-Set

    Pinnacle Executive High Back

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  • T-T900-PU-Vis-Chrome-2

    T900 Visitors Sleighbase Chair

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    T900 Techno High Back Vulcan

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  • Colt-High-Back

    Colt High Back

    R30,993.65 R30,993.65 Add to basket
  • starling-ottoman-

    Starling Ottoman

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  • Stallion-High-Back-1

    Stallion High Back Leather Chair

    R3,444.25R4,933.50 Select options
  • Sale!

    Classic Cushioned Office Chair

    R3,508.65 Select options

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