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  • Ergonomic-meshback-chairs-1

    Link Baseline operator

    R3,207.00 R3,207.00 Add to basket
  • dialogue-high-back

    Dialogue Office High back Chair

    R3,130.20R3,620.45 Select options
  • Carbon-Family

    Carbon Ergo Operators Office Chair

    R4,915.90 R4,915.90 Add to basket
  • 546232

    Carbon Mesh back Visitors Chair

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  • Nucleus-Bench

    Nucleus Bench – Heavy Duty Benches 1.8 M

    R12,846.65 R12,846.65 Add to basket
  • Slimline-FURSL01SS

    Slimline Bench – Heavy Duty Steel Benches 1.5 M Long

    R12,130.20 R12,130.20 Add to basket
  • s-max-t1

    Super Max Chair Heavy Duty Chair

    R4,718.45 R4,718.45 Add to basket
  • -19%

    Bentley Heavy Duty Executive Leather Visitors Chair

    R3,362.81 R3,362.81 Add to basket
  • Pigeon-HoleCupboardM

    21 Compartment Pigeon Hole Stationery Cupboards

    R3,920.24 R3,920.24 Add to basket
  • 12-Compertments-pigeon-hole-CupboardM

    18 Compartment Pigeon Hole Stationery Cupboards

    R3,386.39 R3,386.39 Add to basket
  • WA05-WardrobeM

    Steel Wardrobe Wardrobe

    R1,380.43 R1,380.43 Add to basket
  • WardrobeM

    Gents Steel Wardrobe Heavy Duty

    R2,442.29 R2,442.29 Add to basket
  • Hostel-Locker-no-Shelves

    Ladies Wardrobe Full Top Shelf Heavy Duty

    R1,964.45 R1,964.45 Add to basket

    Redragon Coeus Gaming Chair

    R5,299.00 R5,299.00 Add to basket
  • Laminated-wooden-bench-with-horizon-look-1

    Laminated Wooden Bench Horizon Block – Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Bench

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    Silverline Heavy Duty Curve

    R2,940.00R7,310.00 Select options
  • Automax-300C

    Automax 300C Paper Shredder

    R22,643.00 R22,643.00 Add to basket

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