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  • Steel-File-Cabinet-4-Drawer

    4 Drawer Steel Filing Cabinet

    R3,500.00 R3,500.00 Add to basket
  • S020-Wooden-Door-System-Cabinet-300x300

    Wooden Door Systems Cabinet | Veneer Systems Cabinet

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  • SteelLockerSingle_PROD

    Heavy Duty Single Door Steel Locker

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  • Steel-hazardous-cupboards-Pretoria-Stainless-Steel-Gauteng-1

    Steel Hazardous Cupboards – 4 stainless Steel Drip Trays.

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  • System-Cabinet

    System Cabinet 4 Shelves Steel Filing Cabinets

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  • Bulk-Filer-Pull-Out-Drawers-Set-Up

    Pull-Out Drawers – Walk In File Cabinet

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  • Bulk-Filer-Boxes-Set-Up

    Archive Box Storage – Bulk Filer 2 To 6 Bays

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  • Quantum-Cabinet-Range-Ferral-Settings

    Quantum File Cabinet – Melamine

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  • Folio-Cabinet

    Folio Cabinets – Melamine

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  • A5-File-Cabinet

    A5 File Cabinet – Melamine

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  • Sale!

    Mini File Cabinet – Melamine

    R4,233.23R10,321.30 Select options
  • Sale!

    Solo File Cabinet | Melamine Quantum Cabinets | Folio Cabinets

    R2,963.75R5,159.96 Select options
  • Sale!

    Lever Arch File Cabinet | Folio Cabinets Paper Solution

    R5,738.62R12,449.84 Select options
  • -13%

    Steel Stationery Storage Cabinet

    R2,988.00 R2,988.00 Add to basket
  • steel-filing-cabinets-with-locking-hangrails-1

    4 Drawer Steel Cabinet Security Bar, Hang Rails

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  • Stationery-Cupboard-Blue

    Heavy Duty Fire Retardant Steel Stationery Cabinet

    R4,480.00 R4,480.00 Add to basket
  • Pigeon-HoleCupboardM

    21 Compartment Pigeon Hole Stationery Cupboards

    R3,920.24 R3,920.24 Add to basket
  • 12-Compertments-pigeon-hole-CupboardM

    18 Compartment Pigeon Hole Stationery Cupboards

    R3,386.39 R3,386.39 Add to basket
  • Small-Pigeon-CupboardM

    12 Compartment Pigeon Hole Stationery Cupboards

    R2,257.59 R2,257.59 Add to basket
  • WA05-WardrobeM

    Steel Wardrobe Wardrobe

    R1,380.43 R1,380.43 Add to basket
  • Hostel-Locker-no-Shelves

    Ladies Wardrobe Full Top Shelf Heavy Duty

    R1,964.45 R1,964.45 Add to basket
  • -7%

    Melamine Systems Cabinet 1500

    R3,643.65 R3,643.65 Add to basket
  • 4-Shelves-Steel-Stationery-Cabinet-

    Fire Resistance 4 Shelves Steel Stationery Cabinet

    R48,195.00 R48,195.00 Add to basket
  • 4-drawer-fire-resistance-filing-cabinets

    4 Drawer Fire Resistant Filing Cabinet

    R31,511.00 R31,511.00 Add to basket
  • AO-Horizontal-6-Drawer-Filing-Cabinet

    Plan AO Horizontal Steel Filing Cabinet

    R16,297.15R25,688.74 Select options
  • walk-in-filing-unit-lateral-files

    Lateral Files | Bulk File Mobile Cabinet

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  • walk-in-filing-unit-lever-arch-and-plastic-containers

    Lever Arch And Plastic Containers | Mobile Bulk File Cavinet

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