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  • Single Foldable Steel Bed

    Single Steel Bed Inclu. Headboard

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  • gauteng-double-bed-1-1

    Double Bunk Beds – Steel Beds

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  • Divan Single Steel Bed

    Single Steel Bed – No Headboard

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    240L PU Wheel Bin

    R1,829.65R2,021.70 Select options

    140L Wheel Bin Black PU

    R930.35 Select options
  • 3-Tier-Steel-Trolley

    Steel Tea Trolley

    R2,874.30R3,092.16 Select options
  • Sale!

    Stainless Steel Recycling Pedal Bin

    R2,326.00R3,498.00 Select options
  • waste_bin_with_ashtray_stainless_steel

    Stainless Steel Waste Bin

    R3,027.00 R3,027.00 Add to basket
  • Stainless-Steel-ashtray-bin-long-2

    Stainless Steel Bin with Ashtray Lead

    R2,787.60 R2,787.60 Add to basket

    Stainless Steel Waste Paper Bin No Lead

    R778.00 R778.00 Add to basket

    Stainless Steel Mini Bin Grade 430

    R924.00 R924.00 Add to basket

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