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  • Fortune Draughtsman PU Chair (1)

    Fortune Draughtsman

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  • -30%

    Typist Student Chair – Econo Range

    R700.00 R700.00 Add to basket
  • lingo-typist-no-arms

    Lingo Typist Chair

    R1,790.00 R1,790.00 Add to basket
  • Bizzo-Family

    Bizzo Operator Chair

    R1,851.00 R1,851.00 Add to basket
  • Lucea-1800-Typist

    Lucea 1800

    R1,498.00 R1,498.00 Add to basket
  • Lucea-1500-Typist

    Lucea 1500 Typist Chair

    R1,384.00 R1,384.00 Add to basket
  • Lucea-1000-Typist

    Lucea 1000 TYPIST Office Chair

    R1,339.00 R1,339.00 Add to basket
  • Cancun-Typist-Chair

    Cancun Typist Operators Chairs

    R1,222.00 R1,222.00 Add to basket
  • Blackpool-Industrial-Tupist

    Blackpool Industrial Typist Chair PU

    R1,798.00 R1,798.00 Add to basket
  • Brixton-Industrial-Typist-Chair

    Brixton Typist Industrial

    R1,478.00 R1,478.00 Add to basket
  • Bristol-Industrial-Typist-Chair

    Bristol Typist Industrial

    R1,098.00 R1,098.00 Add to basket
  • -42%

    Yanyan Fabric Typist Chair

    R550.00 R550.00 Add to basket

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