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  • A-Frame-Melamine-Executive-Desk

    A Leg Modern Executive Office Desk – Dark Oak | Executive Office Desk

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  • Alice-Executive-L-shape-desk

    Alice Executive L Shaped Desk

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  • B045

    Athena Executive Desk | Royal Mahogany Veneer Set

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  • -20%

    Atlantic Executive Desk | Executive 3 Piece Veneer Desk

    R12,336.00 R12,336.00 Add to basket
  • CEO Veneer Black Executive Desk

    CEO Executive Desk

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  • B023

    Chicago Executive Desk | Veneer L Shaped Desk Set

    R22,175.00 R22,175.00 Add to basket
  • B031-1-1

    Clinton Executive Desk

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  • pretoria_veneer_desking_cordia_desk

    Cordia Double Pedestal Desk | Executive Office Desk

    R6,500.00 Select options
  • littlelots_office_premium_furniture_new_arrivals_5

    Crestwood Executive Desk – Glass Top | Melamine Top Black Edition

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  • -20%

    Cute L Shaped Desk – 3 Pieces | Veneer Desk Set

    R6,211.20 R6,211.20 Add to basket
  • Detroit-room-setting

    Detroit Managerial Panel Desk | ExecutiveOffice Desk

    R11,758.60 R11,758.60 Add to basket
  • discover-bow-front-desk-pw

    Discover Bow Front Desk

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  • partners-double-pedestal

    Double Pedestal Desk| Executive Office Desk

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  • -20%

    Eden Executive Desk 2 Piece | Veneer Executive Desk

    R6,374.40 R6,374.40 Add to basket
  • Elite-Executive-Desk-Outer

    Elite Executive Combination Desk | Executive Office Desk

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  • embassy-desk-range-maple

    Embassy Desk Range | Executive Veneer Office Desk

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  • mperor-executive-boardroom-table

    Emperor Executive Boardroom Table 14 to 16 Seater | Executive Desk

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  • envy-executive-set-a

    Envy Executive Desk Roller Door Credenza

    R7,833.79 R7,833.79 Add to basket
  • dakota-desk-square-leg

    Executive Office Desk Square Frame Leg Top Raiser

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  • H011

    Formal Executive Boardroom Table – Leather Inlays

    R8,837.00 R8,837.00 Add to basket
  • H008

    Forum Executive Boardroom Table

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  • Sale!

    Get Together Executive Boardroom Table 6 to 8 seater

    R14,558.40 Select options
  • harry-desk-inside

    Harry Executive Desk

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  • -20%

    Islands Four Way Cluster Desk | Execitive Desk

    R7,483.20 R7,483.20 Add to basket
  • H012A

    Knight Boardroom Table | Boardroom Veneer Desk

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  • littlelots_office_furniture_durban_tora_desk

    L Shaped Desk – Home Desk With Modesty Panel

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    L.A 4 Way Cluster Desk | Mahogany Veneer Set

    R7,900.80 Select options
  • -15%
    LEG_ATARI_1_web-back view

    Le-Troy Series 500 – Aged Stone | Executive Office Desk

    R9,219.10 R9,219.10 Add to basket
  • -15%
    Atari back -NICE

    Le-Troy Series 500 – Pedestal and Pedenza

    R10,846.00 R10,846.00 Add to basket
  • Loop-Executive-Table

    Loop Executive L Shaped Desk

    R8,814.13 R8,814.13 Add to basket
  • -20%
    B047 Mahogany Veneer Executive Desk

    Mahogany Veneer Desk Leather Padded Desk

    R5,500.00 R5,500.00 Add to basket
  • H003

    Mari Executive Round Table

    R5,878.40 R5,878.40 Add to basket
  • meghan-desk

    Meghan Desk

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  • B046-DESK。

    Mohog Executive Desk Leather Padded  | Veneer L Shaped Desk

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  • Sale!

    Neptune Executive Desk Credenza + Pedestal | Veneer L Shaped Desk Set

    R17,740.00 Select options
  • littlelots_office_furniture_note_desk-1

    Note Front Modesty Panel Desk | Executive Office Desk

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    Nova Executive Desk

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  • B030

    Pacific Executive Desk | Veneer Executive Desk

    R13,166.00R34,649.00 Select options
  • partners_veneer_desk

    Partners Double Pedestal Desk | Executive Office Desk

    R5,500.00 Select options
  • B009

    Platinum Executive Desk | Veneer Desk Set

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  • Presidential-Executive-Desks

    Presidential Executive Desk

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  • Prism-Executive-Desk-Solution-111

    Prism Executive Desk | L Shaped Executive Veneer Desk

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  • Sahara-L-Shpe-front

    Sahara L Shaped Desk

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  • Shell-Exec-desk-BL

    Shell Executive Desk | Executive Office Desk

    R4,000.00R5,500.00 Select options
  • spaceline-half-round-desk

    Spaceline Half Round Desk | Veneer L Shaped Desk

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  • starline-range

    Starline Executive Desk | L Shaped Office Desk

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  • Starling-Executive-Veneer-Desk-B018

    Starling Executive Desk | Veneer Office Desk Set

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  • -15%
    Super managerial Workstation Pedenza Executive Desk Front

    Super managerial Workstation Pedenza Executive Desk

    R6,532.25 R6,532.25 Add to basket
  • tetrix-l-shape-desk-back

    Tetrix L-Shaped Desk | Executive Office Desk

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  • Trim-Execurtive-Desk

    Trim Executive Desk | L Shaped Managerial Desk

    R8,007.21 R8,007.21 Add to basket
  • littlelots_office_furniture_melamine_desking_turin_desk_2

    Turin Desk Cpu and Pedenza L Shaped Desk

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