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7 Different Types of File Cabinets

7 Different Kinds of Filing Cabinet – South Africa Supplier Online Store

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Walk in File Cabinets | Steel Storage Cabinets

Walk in File Cabinets | Steel Storage Cabinets helps in tidying files and organising the office’s hard copied information and can easily be installed in business offices as well as home offices. To sort papers quickly and efficiently, offices generally use filing cabinets as these offer a handy solution to organising the office space.
Filing cabinets are available in many shapes and sizes i.e

          1). Fire Resistance Cabin

  fire resistance cabinet weight 450 KG made of steel and can also be custom made.
Resistance up to 120 to 180 hours

     Lateral file

2). Steel Filing Cabinets

steel filing cabinets are available
in 2, 3 or 4 drawer. Standard finishes include
Ivory / Karoo (cream & beige) and black,
with custom colours are available on request.



Steel Lockers

Steel lockers-filing cabinet Also Available for sale: Wooden filing cabinets

                                                                                         3). Walk In Filing Cabinets

Available in 1,2,3,4,5 & 7 Bay Bulk Filing
bulk filing cabinets come out with a 10 to 15 year factory warranty
before installation a bulk file specialist, tidy files cabinets with filing boxes
will come for a site visit to take measurements of the site.
Walk in file cabinets can be made in steel or wood which
can be painted or cladded with shelves, wire racks or cradles

For all custom steel filing cabinets manufacturer is South Africa Contact Little Lots Online Email:

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4 Bay Fre Resistance Bulk File           components   4 Tendum Bay Bulk filer

4). Lateral Filing Cabinet

Lateral filing cabinet

cabinets are built with a full steel frame
interior and each drawer can hold up to 80kg
All units are equipped with a central locking mechanism. The
unit locks all the drawers over two points, both the left and
right. The runners of each drawer are directly fixed to the steel
frame and extend 110% when pulled out, ensuring you will
always be able to access your documents with ease
cabinet is manufactured and

Pigeon holes
assembled by hand. Meticulous finishing touches and
cleaning is done, guaranteeing that you receive a product
of the highest quality. 10-Year Warranty
We believe in our products and offer a
10-year warranty on all moving parts
together with our excellent after sales

5). Steel Storage Cabinets

GENTS WARDROBE DOORS OPEN                                                .              steel pigeon filing cabinet

Get organised with versatile steel storage cabinets.Whether you want to keep office supplies accessible
or neatly display books, you’ll find the perfect storage cabinet for your needs.

6) Steel Lockers and Wardrobes

Steel lockers and wardrobes are available in a variety of combinations.
Ideal for change rooms, schools, colleges, factories,
Little Lots steel wardrobe furniture designs
Steel wardrobe south africa
steel cupboard designs bedrooms
Steel wardrobe
steel wardrobe cabinet
hospitality areas, hostels, and staff rooms.
Standard finishes include Ivory/Karoo
(cream & beige) and dark grey.
Custom colours are available on request.Steel wardrobe roller doorsteel wardrobes

Roller shutter cupboard supplied by is ideal for office, government, schools, and many other applications. Factory Direct, huge selection.

7) Architectural Filing

Stylish sideboards for the home in solid and organic materials _ Bolia

In an Architectural filing system offers specialised products for architects’ filing needs.  The planfiler range is available in melamine or steel, the range includes mobile plan hang filing units, as well as Steel pigeon hole or wooden pigeon hole plan tables in a wide range of melamine wood colours

planfiler cabinte

Before purchasing a filing cabinet for the office one should have a fair estimate of the size required. Most people make a mistake when it comes to choosing the right size.

Either they end up purchasing a filing cabinet that is too small or too big. If the size of the filing cabinet is too small then it gets difficult to store files in it, whereas if it is too big it does not fit


well within the office space. Therefore, it is advisable to select the appropriate size according to the space available in the office.

The space available within a filing cabinet also plays a vital role. If the filing cabinet has less space, then the office has to place more cabinets within the premises. Therefore, it is better to buy filing cabinets that have more space and also fit well in the space available in the office premises. While selecting filing cabinets one should never be in too much of a rush as one would either buy a cabinet that is too big or too small, which would then be of no help later to the office. Therefore, it is better to purchase a filing cabinet that has extra space as the paperwork in the organisation only increases with time.

leteral planfiling cabinet

There are two types of fCredenza Filing cabinets available in the market; one is the vertical filing cabinet and the other is the horizontal Credenza Filing cabinets. The vertical filing cabinets can be used for business offices as well as home offices. The vertical cabinets are taller in height and smaller in

width. They are apt for places with less space. They are usually available in a set of five drawers, while some are also available in sets of two drawers. The horizontal filing cabinets are shorter in height but wider in length. The storage capacity is also high in case of horizontal filing cabinets. They can hold a very large amount of folders and files in them. Filing cabinets are available in a wide variety of materials. Though, one should opt for filing cabinets that are fireproof and waterproof in order to save documents from any calamities.

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