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classic Eames special with leather and chrome base. Shop for various high back office chairs

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  • -15%

    4 Legged Wooden Visitors Chair | Veneer Wood Frame

    R3,556.40 R3,556.40 Add to basket
  • -25%

    7600 Leather High back Office Chair

    R2,100.00 R2,100.00 Add to basket
  • Alu-High-back-Chrome-Office-chairzbt-977-fastrack

    Alu High Back Leather High Back – 5 Star Chrome Base

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  • -16%

    Back Mesh Office Chair – Features

    R1,686.25 R1,686.25 Add to basket
  • Heavy-Duty-Office-Chair

    Bentley Heavy Duty Executive Leather Chair

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  • -19%

    Bentley Heavy Duty Executive Leather Visitors Chair

    R3,362.81 R3,362.81 Add to basket
  • Sale!
    bentley black - mesh back

    Bentley Mesh Back Chair – Ergonomic Fabric Seating

    R2,298.95 Select options
  • classic-button-chair

    Classic Button Chair | Genuine Leather High Back Chair

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  • Sale!

    Classic Cushioned Office Chair

    R3,508.65 Select options
  • Sale!

    Classic Eames Repro Office Chair – Green Colour

    R2,430.00R4,530.00 Select options
  • Sale!

    Classic Eames Repro Office Chair – Orange Colour

    R2,430.00R4,530.00 Select options
  • CH2800CAMEL-1

    Classic Eames Camel Colour

    R2,600.00R3,680.00 Select options
  • Classic-Eames-Cushioned-Camel-Colour

    Classic Eames Cushion Camel Colour

    R3,260.00R4,250.00 Select options
  • Classic-Eames-Cushioned-Heavy-Duty-Castors-Chrome-Frame

    Classic Eames Cushion White Colour

    R3,260.00R4,250.00 Select options
  • Classic-Eames-Flat-Cushion-White

    Classic Eames Flat Cushion

    R2,340.00R3,180.00 Select options
  • Classic-Eames-Flat-Cushion-Black-High-Back

    Classic Eames Flat Cushion Black Colour

    R2,340.00R3,250.00 Select options
  • CH4400BROWN

    Classic Eames Flat Cushion Brown Colour

    R2,340.00R3,180.00 Select options
  • Classic-Eames-Grey-Executive-Chair

    Classic Eames Grey Colour

    R2,600.00R3,680.00 Select options
  • Classic Eames High Back

    Classic Eames High Back

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  • Classic Eames High Back

    Classic Eames High Back Chair

    R3,400.00 R3,400.00 Add to basket

    Classic Eames Medium Back

    R3,000.00 R3,000.00 Add to basket
  • Classic-Netting-HB-2

    Classic Eames Netted Bigh Back Chrome Frame Chair

    R2,710.00R3,400.00 Select options
  • Classic Eames PU Flat Cushion High Back Beige

    Classic Eames PU Flat Cushion High Back Beige

    R3,680.00 R3,680.00 Add to basket
  • classic-eames-visitors-black

    Classic Eames Visitors Office Chair

    R2,900.00 R2,900.00 Add to basket
  • Colt-High-Back

    Colt High Back

    R30,993.65 R30,993.65 Add to basket
  • comfort-high-back

    Comfort High Back

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  • Sale!

    Como Operators Leather Office Chair

    R1,622.84R1,738.84 Select options
  • Concorde-Maxi

    Concorde Leather Chair

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  • -18%

    DB010 High Back

    R6,600.80 R6,600.80 Add to basket
  • DB014

    DB014 Leather High Back Office Chair | Veneer Wood Base Chair

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  • DB015

    DB015 Leather Medium Back Chair

    R3,929.00 R3,929.00 Add to basket
  • -15%

    DB016 Leather Visitor’s Chair

    R3,247.85 R3,247.85 Add to basket
  • -15%

    DB035 Chrome High Back Leather Chair

    R4,795.70 R4,795.70 Add to basket
  • -15%

    DB035A Medium Chrome Frame Leather Chair

    R4,327.35 R4,327.35 Add to basket
  • Sale!

    DB042 High Back PU Frame Chair

    R1,662.60 Select options
  • Sale!

    DB042A Medium Back Chair

    R1,550.40 Select options
  • dialogue-high-back

    Dialogue Office High back Chair

    R3,130.20R3,620.45 Select options
  • Lounger-Premium-Soft-Seat-Centurion-Tan

    Eames Lounger

    R14,790.00 Select options
  • Eames Lounge Ottoman Classic Eames Sale

    Eames Lounger Plus Foot Stool

    R14,700.00 R14,700.00 Add to basket
  • Bonded-Leather-Fire-s-Chair-1

    Fire-S Operators Chair

    R2,395.00 R2,395.00 Add to basket
  • futura-medium-back

    Futura Medium Back

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  • futura-pu-high-back-chrome

    Futura PU-Base High Back

    R3,999.00 R3,999.00 Add to basket
  • futura-visitors-chair-chrome

    Futura Visitors Chair | Executive Boardroom Chair

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  • DB056-High-Back-Chair-Genuine-Leather-1

    Genuine Leather High Back President Chair DB056

    R8,547.00 R8,547.00 Add to basket
  • Genuine-Leather-Medium-Back-Chair-DB056A

    Genuine Leather Medium Back President Chair

    R7,500.00 R7,500.00 Add to basket
  • -30%
    ICE_High Back Mesh Chrome Chair

    Ice High Back Office Chair – Mesh back Chair

    R2,080.00 R2,080.00 Add to basket
  • Judges-Highback-Black

    Judges Executive Chair

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  • Capri-Executive-Leather-High-Back-Chair-Camel

    Leather Capri Executive High Back Office Chair Chrome 5 Star Base

    R5,160.00 Select options
  • Cow-Top-Black-High-Back-Office-Chair

    Leather High Back Office Chair

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  • -13%

    Leather High Back Visitors Chair

    R2,910.06 R2,910.06 Add to basket
  • Luvitt-High-Back-leather-chair

    Luvitt Executive Chrome Chair – Genuine leather

    R4,790.00R6,300.00 Select options
  • Sale!

    Marvel Executive Chair

    R2,420.00R6,500.00 Select options
  • concorde-mesh

    Mesh office Chair – All Mesh Chrome Office Seat

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  • Wooden-Frame-Medium-Mirage-Chair-DB019A

    Mirage Medium Back Leather – Veneerc base and Arms

    R3,141.80 R3,141.80 Add to basket
  • Sale!

    Mirage Wooden Frame High Back Chair

    R3,818.00 Select options
  • Tarzan-Executive-Front

    Mirage Ergonomic Office Chair Executive High Back

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  • Sale!

    Mirage High Back Leather Office Chair

    R1,459.00R1,900.00 Select options
  • Tarzan-Operators-Chair-Side

    Mirage Operators Mesh Back Chair

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  • -18%

    Mirage Sleigh Base Visitors Chair Wooden Arms

    R2,676.00 R2,676.00 Add to basket
  • Error image

    Mode Leather Highback Office Chair

    R2,713.00 R2,713.00 Add to basket

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