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  • Washington-Ottoman.-Squarejpg

    Washington Ottoman

    R2,499.00 R2,499.00 Add to basket
  • Washington-Middle

    Washington Middle Sofa

    R2,999.00 R2,999.00 Add to basket
  • Washington-Corner

    Washington Corner Couch

    R0.00R7,280.00 Select options
  • Victoria-Double

    Victoria Double Couch

    R9,645.00R25,400.00 Select options
  • Victoria-Single

    Victoria Single Couch

    R0.00R16,655.00 Select options
  • Toronto-Double

    Toronto Double Couch

    R5,780.00 R5,780.00 Add to basket
  • Toronto-Single

    Toronto Single Seater

    R4,699.00 R4,699.00 Add to basket
  • St-Helena-arm-Double-Black

    St. Helena Double Seater

    R6,534.00R19,840.00 Select options
  • St-Helena-arm-Single

    St. Helena Single Seater

    R0.00R12,767.00 Select options
  • Sofia-Double-Purple

    Sofia Double Seater

    R3,999.00 R3,999.00 Add to basket
  • Sofia-Single-chair

    Sofia Single Seater

    R2,599.00 R2,599.00 Add to basket
  • Peru-Corner-Unit-L-Shape

    Peru L Shaped Couch

    R13,977.00 R13,977.00 Add to basket
  • Oslo-Corner-couch

    Oslo Corner L Couch

    R12,999.00 R12,999.00 Add to basket
  • Oslo-Double-couch

    Oslo Double Seater

    R4,999.00 R4,999.00 Add to basket
  • Oslo-Single

    Oslo Single Couch

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  • Norway-Double-couch

    Norway Double Seater

    R7,999.00 R7,999.00 Add to basket
  • Norway-Single-armchair

    Norway Single Sofa

    R5,999.00 R5,999.00 Add to basket
  • Barcelona-Von-Der-Rohe-3-Seater-Black

    Barcelona – Von Der Rohe 3 Seater Leather

    R19,360.00 Select options
  • Barcelona-Von-Der-Rohe-1-Seater-and-Footstool-Black-Copy

    Barcelona – Von Der Rohe 1 Seater Leather Couch

    R10,450.00 Select options

    Daybed – Von Der Rohe

    R14,500.00 R14,500.00 Add to basket
  • New-Leather-Le-cube-3-seater

    Le Cube – Le Corbusier Chrome Frame

    R6,770.00R9,900.00 Select options
  • premium-leather-italien-couch-centurion

    Chesterfield Premium Couch

    R20,500.00R36,500.00 Select options
  • Eames-Lounger-and-Footstool-Black-1

    Eames Lounger Plus Foot Stool

    R14,700.00 R14,700.00 Add to basket
  • Error image

    Presidents Lounger Wooden base

    R9,900.00 Select options
  • Lounger-Premium-Soft-Seat-Centurion-Tan

    Eames Lounger

    R14,790.00 Select options

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