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  • Home Combination Desk + Wall Unit

  • Typist Student Chair – Econo Range

    R1,144.25 R805.00 R805.00. inc Tax
  • 2.5 Metres Executive Boardroom Table

    R9,015.43 R9,015.43. inc Tax
  • 2.5M Boardroom Table amd desks

    R8,555.43 R8,555.43. inc Tax
  • 2.5M-Johannesburg Boardroom Desk

    R8,555.43 R8,555.43. inc Tax
  • Executive Office Desk Square Frame Leg Top Raiser

  • Two Way Workstation Office Desk

    R8,625.00 R6,503.25 R6,503.25. inc Tax
  • Veneer Letter Tray – Wood

  • A Leg Modern Executive Office Desk – Dark Oak

    R14,375.00 R9,200.00 R9,200.00. inc Tax
  • Home Study Desk – Office Compact Desk

  • Kids Home Study Desk

    R1,158.63 R1,158.63. inc Tax
  • Swivel and Tilt Mesh Back High Back Office Chair

  • The Specialist Mesh Back Chair – Mid Back

  • 2,4M Panel Leg Boardroom Desk

    R5,532.31 R5,532.31. inc Tax
  • 2M Panel Leg Boardroom Table

    R3,527.50 R3,527.50. inc Tax
  • Office Desk – Cherry | Mahogany

  • 1,2m Office Desk – Office Supplies

    R3,792.70 R3,792.70. inc Tax
  • Xenon Netted High Back

    R3,461.50 R3,461.50. inc Tax
  • 7600 Leather High back Office Chair

    R3,236.10 R3,236.10. inc Tax
  • 4X4 Heavy Duty Office Chair – High Back

    R3,606.40 R3,606.40. inc Tax
  • Supermax Heavy Duty Office Chair – High Back

  • Iso Smart

    R2,114.39 R2,114.39. inc Tax
  • 2 Door Sliding Cabinet

    R3,680.00 R2,107.75 R2,107.75. inc Tax
  • 3 Door Wall Unit Open Shelves

    R12,560,012.50 R8,074,293.75 R8,074,293.75. inc Tax
  • Buttoned Back Armchair

  • Home Desk

  • Bilboa

  • Amy

  • Moxie ottoman

  • Aloe Accent Multipurpose Chair

  • Jigsaw Leather Couch – Footstool

    R7,887.85 R6,325.00 R6,325.00. inc Tax
  • Jigsaw Leather Couch – Middle

    R7,406.00 R7,406.00. inc Tax
  • Oval Shaped Boardroom Table 1.8M

    R4,759.56 R3,943.64 R3,943.64. inc Tax
  • Oval Shaped Boardroom Table 2.4M

    R4,945.00 R4,945.00. inc Tax
  • Oval Shaped Boardroom Table 8 -10 Seater

    R6,888.50 R5,850.63 R5,850.63. inc Tax
  • 2 Door 1 Shelf Wall unit

  • T Stand 1400mm X 600mm For Board Up To 2400mm

  • T Stand 1400mm X 600mm For Board Up To 1500mm

  • George Nelson Wood Bench 1.5M Long

    R8,096.00 R8,096.00. inc Tax
  • George Nelson Double Seater Leather Couch

    R13,759.18 R12,109.50 R12,109.50. inc Tax
  • Jigsaw Leather Couch – Corner / Side Seat

    R10,367.25 R9,027.50 R9,027.50. inc Tax
  • 3 Tier Bookcase

    R2,577.15 R1,622.65 R1,622.65. inc Tax
  • 2 Tier Oppen Bookcase – Oak

    R2,156.25 R1,194.85 R1,194.85. inc Tax
  • 2 Door Sliding Credenza – Mahogany

    R3,737.50 R2,584.63 R2,584.63. inc Tax
  • Sliding Door Credenza – Natural Oak

    R3,737.50 R2,584.63 R2,584.63. inc Tax
  • Sliding Door Cherry Credenza

    R3,737.50 R2,584.63 R2,584.63. inc Tax
  • Super Melamine Desk Shel – Natural oak

    R1,827.06 R1,827.06. inc Tax
  • Sleigh Base Chrome Visitors Chair

    R3,299.35 R3,299.35. inc Tax
  • Genuine Leather Visitors President Chair

    R6,325.00 R6,325.00. inc Tax
  • Genuine Leather Medium Back President Chair

    R8,625.00 R8,625.00. inc Tax
  • Genuine Leather High Back President Chair DB056

    R9,829.05 R9,829.05. inc Tax
  • Coffee Table

    R5,669.50 R5,669.50. inc Tax
  • Side Coffee Table

    R4,332.51 R4,332.51. inc Tax
  • Filing Cabinets – Steel Key Locker

  • Single Factory Steel Locker

    R1,434.91 R1,434.91. inc Tax
  • Vega Bar Stool

    R1,207.50 R1,207.50. inc Tax
  • L Computer Desk – Home Office Desk Black

    R3,072.80 R3,072.80. inc Tax
  • L Computer Desk – Home Office Desk

    R3,072.80 R3,072.80. inc Tax
  • Sahara Home Study Desk – Melamine

    R1,158.63 R1,158.63. inc Tax
  • Peza Visitors Arm Chair

    R1,850.35 R1,850.35. inc Tax
  • Peza

    R2,278.15 R2,278.15. inc Tax
  • Next Operators Chair

    R3,639.75 R3,639.75. inc Tax
  • Lunar 4 Way Cluster Complete System – Screen Deviders

    R19,118.75 R19,118.75. inc Tax
  • Wall Street Executive Visitors Chair

  • Chalk Dustless Box 100 White

    R78.20 R78.20. inc Tax
  • Chalk Dustless Box 100 Assorted

    R120.75 R120.75. inc Tax
  • Dustless Chalk (12 Box White)

    R15.53 R15.53. inc Tax
  • Dustless Chalk (12 Assorted Box)

    R18.40 R18.40. inc Tax
  • Chalk Holders (Plastic Box of 6)

    R186.30 R186.30. inc Tax
  • Chalk Holder Plastic Single Holder

    R31.05 R31.05. inc Tax
  • Mode Leather Highback Office Chair

    R3,119.95 R3,119.95. inc Tax
  • Link Baseline Mesh Back Visitor Office Chair

    R3,141.80 R3,141.80. inc Tax
  • Link Baseline operator

    R3,688.05 R3,688.05. inc Tax
  • Merryfair Wau Ergonomic High Back White Frame

    R6,927.08 R6,927.08. inc Tax
  • Merryfair reya Ergonomic Red Seat Mesh Office Chair

    R8,048.85 R6,898.85 R6,898.85. inc Tax
  • Motion Ergonomic Office Chair

    R4,023.85 R4,023.85. inc Tax
  • Lingo Typist Chair

    R2,058.50 R2,058.50. inc Tax
  • Iso Smart Training Stacker Chair

    R3,892.75 R3,892.75. inc Tax
  • Isisulu Training Stacker Chair

    R2,313.80 R2,313.80. inc Tax
  • Flamingo Ergo Operators

    R3,483.35 R3,483.35. inc Tax
  • Fire-S Operators Chair

    R2,754.25 R2,754.25. inc Tax
  • Evolve Visitors Chair

    R3,322.35 R3,322.35. inc Tax
  • Evolve Office Chair

    R4,522.95 R4,522.95. inc Tax
  • Dialogue Office High back Chair

  • Carbon Ergo Operators Office Chair

    R5,653.29 R5,653.29. inc Tax
  • Carbon Mesh back Visitors Chair

    R4,721.15 R4,721.15. inc Tax
  • Bodyline Ergo Visitors Chair – Sleigh Base Leather Upholstery

    R3,681.84 R3,681.84. inc Tax
  • Bodyline Ergo High Back Chair

    R4,734.32 R4,734.32. inc Tax
  • Bizzo Operator Chair

    R2,128.65 R2,128.65. inc Tax
  • Barrier Visitors Chair

    R3,170.55 R3,170.55. inc Tax
  • Barrier Desk Chair

  • Aylee Mesh Back Office Chair

    R2,298.85 R2,298.85. inc Tax
  • T600 Visitors Sleigh Base Chair – Black Bonded Leather

  • T600 High Back Chair – Black Bonded Leather

  • Litt Headrest Office Mesh Back Chair

  • Merryfair Reya Ergonomic Mesh Back Chair – TPE Grey

    R8,048.39 R6,576.74 R6,576.74. inc Tax
  • Merryfair Reya Ergonomic Mesh Back Chair – Grey

    R7,502.08 R6,208.62 R6,208.62. inc Tax
  • Merryfair Flux Mid Back Ergonomic Chair – Office Furniture

    R4,167.08 R3,448.62 R3,448.62. inc Tax
  • Steel Hazardous Cupboards – 4 stainless Steel Drip Trays.

  • Single Steel Bed Inclu. Headboard

  • Double Bunk Beds – Steel Beds

  • Single Steel Bed – No Headboard

  • 3 Shelves – 2 Door Stationery Cabinet Cherry Royale

    R4,598.85 R3,220.00 R3,220.00. inc Tax
  • 3 Shelves – 2 Door Stationery Cabinet

  • Melamine Desk Height Pedestal

  • 4 Drawer Deep Filer Cabinet

  • Melamine 3 Drawer Mobile Pedestal

  • Kingston Office Chair

  • Gents Wardrobe

  • Steel Stationery System Cupboard

  • System Cabinet

  • Smart Compact Cluster System (1200x1200x600x750H)

  • Office Furniture – Office Desks Sale – Cluster Desk

  • Cluster Workstation Office Desks RHS

  • Cluster Workstation Office Desks LHS

  • Melamine Office Desk (1600×750)

  • Melamine Office Desk (1200×750)

  • 240L PU Wheel Bin

  • 140L Wheel Bin Black PU

  • HP 250 G7 Intel Celeron N4020 4GB DDR4

    R7,933.28 R6,082.18 R6,082.18. inc Tax