Stainless Steel Recycling Pedal Bin


Stainless Steel Recycling Pedal Waste Pedal Bin with stainless steel inner, dimensions: 250 Dia X 425 High,  20L and  350 Dia X 410 High 50L in Brushed Stainless Steel

24 Month Warranty




(Last Updated On: Jul 13, 2019)

20L pedal bin with stainless inner 250dia x 415high BRUSHED STAINLESS

30L pedal bin with stainless inner 305dia x 410high BRUSHED STAINLESS R

50L pedal bin with stainless inner 505dia x 420high BRUSHED STAINLESS

Additional information

Recycling Pedal Bin SS

20L Bin with Stainless Inner, 30L Bin with Stainless Inner, 50L Bin with Stainless Inner


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