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  • Imapct Desking 1

    Impact Desk Shell

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  • Miami Little Lots Online

    Miami Range

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  • Ohio little lots

    Ohio Range

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  • Shell-Range-Square-Meeting-Little-Lots-Centurion

    Shell Coffee Square Table

    R3,500.00R4,000.00 Select options
  • Shell-Range-Round-Meeting-Tables - Little Lots Roodepoort

    Shell Tall Meeting Table

    R3,500.00R4,500.00 Select options
  • Shell-Exec-desk-BL

    Shell Executive Desk | Executive Office Desk

    R4,000.00R5,500.00 Select options
  • Shell-Exec-Side-Stoage-Black

    Shell executive side storage

    R8,500.00 Select options
  • Modern Rectangular Meeting Table Centurion

    Rectangular Shell Meeting Table –

    R6,500.00R12,500.00 Select options
  • Shell-meeting-table-8-oval-WT

    Shell Oval Meeting Table – Melamine

    R8,500.00R19,500.00 Select options
  • Boardroom-table-Box-Base Two Toned

    Reticulated Boardroom Table

    R4,500.00R6,500.00 Select options
  • Echo-Boardroom-Table

    Echo Boardroom Table

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  • boardroom-oval-white

    Oval Boardroom Table

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  • Echo-Boardroom-Table-3600

    Echo Boardroom Table 10 – 20 Seater Boardroom Desk

    R6,500.00R12,500.00 Select options
  • boardroom-barrel-white

    Barrel Shaped Boardroom Desk

    R4,500.00R5,500.00 Select options
  • -15%
    Super managerial Workstation Pedenza Executive Desk Front

    Super managerial Workstation Pedenza Executive Desk

    R6,532.25 R6,532.25 Add to basket
  • -15%
    Atari back -NICE

    Le-Troy Series 500 – Pedestal and Pedenza

    R10,846.00 R10,846.00 Add to basket
  • -15%
    LEG_ATARI_1_web-back view

    Le-Troy Series 500 – Aged Stone | Executive Office Desk

    R9,219.10 R9,219.10 Add to basket
  • loop-exec-Setup

    Loop Round Conference Table

    R2,036.65 R2,036.65 Add to basket
  • Loop-Executive-Table

    Loop Executive L Shaped Desk

    R8,814.13 R8,814.13 Add to basket
  • Trim-Squre-Table

    Trim Square Conference Table

    R2,574.92 R2,574.92 Add to basket
  • Envy-roundtable

    Envy Round Conference Table

    R2,568.80 R2,568.80 Add to basket
  • envy-executive-set-a

    Envy Executive Desk Roller Door Credenza

    R7,833.79 R7,833.79 Add to basket
  • Quartz-3-set

    Quartz – 3 Stool Combo

    R0.00R2,397.00 Select options
  • Rectangular-Ottoman-1200

    Ottoman Rect 1200

    R0.00R7,025.00 Select options
  • Square-ottoman

    Ottoman Squre 800

    R1,999.00 R1,999.00 Add to basket
  • Pentagon-Ottoman-Buttons

    Pentagon Ottoman

    R2,800.00 R2,800.00 Add to basket
  • Concave-Ottoman-Blue

    Concave Ottoman

    R3,400.00 R3,400.00 Add to basket
  • Miami-Quaters-Circle

    MIAMI Ottoman Quarter

    R4,609.00 R4,609.00 Add to basket
  • Whisper-Panel-Close-up

    Whisper Panel (Per Hexagonal Shape)

    R350.00 R350.00 Add to basket
  • Chatter-Box

    Chatter Box Complete

    R30,999.00 R30,999.00 Add to basket
  • Chit-Chat-Curved

    Chit Chat Curved Multi Seater Couch

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  • Chit-Chat-STRAIGHT-

    Chit Chat Straight

    R13,999.00 R13,999.00 Add to basket
  • Gossip-Booth

    Gossip Booth

    R15,999.00 R15,999.00 Add to basket

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