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  • Techno-T900-4-LEG-CURVE

    T900 Techno 4 Legged Executive Chair

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  • -24%
    Ice Visitors Mesh Back Chair

    Ice Visitors Office Chair – Mesh Back

    R1,500.00 R1,500.00 Add to basket
  • -20%
    Classic Eames PU Cushion Visitor Black

    Classic Eames PU Cushion Visitor Black

    R2,608.00 R2,608.00 Add to basket
  • classic-eames-visitors-black

    Classic Eames Visitors Office Chair

    R2,900.00 R2,900.00 Add to basket
  • DB084B-Sleighbase-Black-Pleather-Chrome-frame

    Sleigh Base Chrome Visitors Chair

    R2,869.00 R2,869.00 Add to basket
  • Genuine-leather-Legged-Chairs-DB056B

    Genuine Leather Visitors President Chair

    R5,500.00 R5,500.00 Add to basket
  • Genuine-Leather-Medium-Back-Chair-DB056A

    Genuine Leather Medium Back President Chair

    R7,500.00 R7,500.00 Add to basket
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    Evolve Visitors Chair

    R2,889.00 R2,889.00 Add to basket
  • Lucea-1800-Typist

    Lucea 1800

    R1,498.00 R1,498.00 Add to basket
  • Lucea-1500-Typist

    Lucea 1500 Typist Chair

    R1,384.00 R1,384.00 Add to basket
  • Lucea-1000-Typist

    Lucea 1000 TYPIST Office Chair

    R1,339.00 R1,339.00 Add to basket
  • Cancun-Typist-Chair

    Cancun Typist Operators Chairs

    R1,222.00 R1,222.00 Add to basket
  • -18%

    Move Visitors Mesh Chair

    R2,854.80 R2,854.80 Add to basket
  • ice-4-legged-visitors-chair

    Ice Four Legged Visitors Chair

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  • -15%

    Visitors Leather Chair DB063 | Veneer 4 Legged Chair

    R2,013.65 R2,013.65 Add to basket
  • -15%

    DB035B Sleigh Base Chrome Visitors Chair

    R3,710.25 R3,710.25 Add to basket
  • Sale!

    Classic Eames Repro Office Chair – Orange Colour

    R2,430.00R4,530.00 Select options
  • T-T900-PU-Vis-Chrome-2

    T900 Visitors Sleighbase Chair

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  • -13%

    Leather High Back Visitors Chair

    R2,910.06 R2,910.06 Add to basket
  • -19%

    Bentley Heavy Duty Executive Leather Visitors Chair

    R3,362.81 R3,362.81 Add to basket
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    Razz Visitors Chair | Training

    R1,345.00R1,395.00 Select options
  • raggio-wood-visitors-chair

    Raggio Wood Visitors Chair

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  • raggio-pu-visitors-chair

    Raggio PU Visitors Chair

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  • lumbar-pro-visitors-chair

    Lumbar Pro Visitors Chair

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  • futura-visitors-chair-chrome

    Futura Visitors Chair | Executive Boardroom Chair

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  • eland-visitors-chair

    Eland Visitors Chair | Heavy Duty Wooden Chair

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  • Classic-Eames-Flat-Cushion-Black-High-Back

    Classic Eames Flat Cushion Black Colour

    R2,340.00R3,250.00 Select options
  • Sale!

    Classic Eames Black Colour Leather Office Chair

    R2,430.00R4,530.00 Select options
  • -15%

    DB016 Leather Visitor’s Chair

    R3,247.85 R3,247.85 Add to basket

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