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  • silverline-heavy-duty-standard-steel-2-seater-table

    2 Seater Silverline Bench

    R3,910.60 R3,910.60 Add to basket
  • Aida-Coffe-Table-Pair

    Aida Coffee Table

    R1,402.00R2,889.75 Select options

    Airport Bench Die Cast Aluminium

    R12,420.00R19,320.00 Select options
  • alpha-coffee-table-side-glass

    Alpha Coffee Table – Contemporary Glass Table

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  • Amber-coffee-table-1

    Amber Glass Coffee Table Chrome Legs

    R3,395.00 Select options
  • AnnaCoffeeTableSquare

    Anna Coffee Table | CEO Furniture Range 1.2M

    R3,999.00 R3,999.00 Add to basket
  • AnnaSideTable

    Anna Coffee Table 1200 | CEO Furniture Range

    R2,800.00 R2,800.00 Add to basket
  • aurora-reception-unit-front

    Aurora Reception Counter Unit

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  • Monument-Oak-and-White

    Beta Reception Counter Monument Oak

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  • beta-walnut-reception-with-siana-1

    Beta Reception Counter Walnut – Reception Table

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  • boston-reception-front

    Boston Reception Unit

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  • box-coffee-table

    Box Coffee Table

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  • premium-leather-italien-couch-centurion

    Chesterfield Premium Couch

    R20,500.00R36,500.00 Select options
  • Double-Glass-Coffee-Table-Chrome

    Chrome Double Glass Coffee Table

    R5,450.00R7,500.00 Select options
  • AnnaCoffeeTableSquare-scaled

    Coffee Table

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  • Cuba-Leather-Couch-double-Seater

    Cuba Leather Couch Chrome Frame

    R8,365.00R10,995.00 Select options
  • Cube Reception Counter Top - Melamine

    Cube Reception Counter Top – Melamine

    R11,455.00 R11,455.00 Add to basket
  • cubiko-reception-unit

    Cubiko Reception Counter

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  • eco-integral-frame-visitors

    Eco Integral Frame Chair | Sleigh Base Visitors Chair

    R3,345.89 R3,345.89 Add to basket
  • euro-coimbra-with-lola

    Euro Reception Unit

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  • evolution-l-shape-reception-unit-back

    Evolution Reception Counter | Melamine Counter Unit

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  • Finesse Reception Table

    Finesse Reception Unit

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  • Freeline-reception-counter-front

    Freeline Reception Unit

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  • kiev-single

    Kiev Single

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  • New-Leather-Le-cube-3-seater

    Le Cube – Le Corbusier Chrome Frame

    R6,770.00R9,900.00 Select options
  • __LX3076

    Lexan Double Reception Counter Glass Top Unit

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    Modern Reception Counter L Shape

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  • Reception-Solutions

    Modern reception Unit Straight 1800

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  • Lisa-Oak-Veneer-Black

    Mona Lisa Coffee Table Black Veneer

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  • monaco-reception-unit-back

    Monaco Reception Unit | Veneer Reception Counter

    R29,361.05 R29,361.05 Add to basket
  • Moxie-x-MedRes

    Moxi Drum Lid Table

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  • 3-seater-die-cast-aluminium-e1547200492300

    New Chrome Deluxe Square Aluminium Bench

    R4,050.00R8,759.00 Select options
  • new-curve-reception-unit-back

    New Curved Reception Counter

    R12,016.15 R12,016.15 Add to basket
  • Sale!

    Ola Executive Reception Desk | Veneer Reception Unit

    R18,335.00 Select options
  • omega-reception-range-double

    Omega Reception Range

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  • Perspex Shields – desk or counter top screens

    Perspex Shields – Computer Desk or Counter Top Screens

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  • Sale!

    Premier Seating Stainless Steel Silverline Bench

    R15,220.25R44,799.35 Select options

    Q-ing System Mildsteel Tube Black

    R960.25 R960.25 Add to basket
  • -2%
    Reception Modular Final

    Reception Modular Unit – Cherry

    R7,889.00 R7,889.00 Add to basket
  • Rio-table

    Rio Glass Coffee Table

    R2,330.00 R2,330.00 Add to basket
  • salon-chair-double-coushion

    Salon Chair | Single Seater

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  • Salon-straight-front

    Salon Reception Counter

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  • Salute-Reception-Desk

    Salut Reception Desk | Veneer Reception Unit

    R14,606.40 R14,606.40 Add to basket
  • Shell-coffee-table-700d-BL

    Shell Round Coffee Table

    R3,500.00R6,000.00 Select options
  • Sale!

    Sicily Couch

    R5,050.00R9,050.00 Select options
  • Public-Seating-4-Seater-Black-1

    Silverline Bench L Shape Black

    R2,490.00R5,170.00 Select options
  • Public-Seating-5-Seater-Silver-1

    Silverline Bench L Shape Silver

    R2,490.00R5,170.00 Select options
  • Stainless-steel-5-seater-wrong-seats

    Silverline Stainless Steel Airport Bench

    R4,180.00R10,640.00 Select options

    Silverline Steel Bench Heavy Duty Curve

    R2,940.00R7,310.00 Select options
  • solaire-reception-counter

    Solaire Reception Counter

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    Squareline Reception

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  • squareline-reception-unit

    Squareline Reception Unit

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  • Little-Lots-Silverline-stainlesssteel-centurion

    Stainless Steel Airport Bench

    R5,020.00R13,530.00 Select options
  • Stainless-Steel-Glass-Coffee-Table

    Stainless Steel Glass Coffee Table

    R3,000.00 R3,000.00 Add to basket
  • Sale!

    Stainless Steel Silverline Bench

    R8,599.00R18,199.00 Select options
  • 3-Tier-Steel-Trolley

    Steel Tea Trolley

    R2,874.30R3,092.16 Select options
  • -18%

    Stellar Reception Desk Counter Top

    R6,950.00 R6,950.00 Add to basket
  • Stellar-Reception-UnitFront

    Stellar Single Reception Desk 1200

    R5,500.00 R5,500.00 Add to basket
  • -41%
    Straight Counter Top - Wood Melamine

    Straight Counter Top – Wood Melamine

    R10,500.00 R10,500.00 Add to basket
  • -14%
    Little Lots Super100 Budget Reception Units

    Super100 Budget Reception Units

    R4,999.00 R4,999.00 Add to basket

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