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Melamine or Veneer Modular Boardroom Desks:

View Catalogue for Various Designs in Stock Items. Boardrooms are Usually, the place where meetings are held. Clients from outside are also shown here. Therefore, it is a good idea to make this space the most intelligently equipped as well as thoughtfully designed

6 Seater, 8 Seater, 10 Seater, 12 Seater Boardroom Desk to 32 Seater Boardroom Desk in

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  • 24M-Panel-Leg-Boardroom-Desk-1

    2,4M Panel Leg Boardroom Desk

    R4,810.70 R4,810.70 Add to basket
  • 2.5M-Boardroom-Table-amd-desks-1

    2.5M Boardroom Table amd desks

    R7,439.50 R7,439.50 Add to basket
  • 2.5M-Johannesburg-Boardroom-Desk-1

    2.5M-Johannesburg Boardroom Desk

    R7,439.50 R7,439.50 Add to basket
  • 24M-Panel-Leg-Boardroom-Desk-1

    2M Panel Leg Boardroom Table

    R3,067.39 R3,067.39 Add to basket
  • A-Frame_Smart-Bench_Coimbra_

    A-Frame Smart bench Boardroom

    R6,498.70 R6,498.70 Add to basket
  • atlanta-v-leg-boardroom-table[26202]

    Atlanta V-leg Boardroom Table | Melamine Conference Table

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  • boardroom-barrel-white

    Barrel Shaped Boardroom Desk

    R4,500.00R5,500.00 Select options
  • barrel-table-with-arrow-legs

    Barrel table with Arrow Legs – 6 Seater Boardroom Table

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  • -23%
    Super150 Oval Boardroom Table Black Melamine

    Black Melamine Super150 Oval Boardroom Table

    R4,640.00 R4,640.00 Add to basket
  • -20%

    Boat Shaped Boardroom Top Table 6 to 8 Seater

    R4,420.00 R4,420.00 Add to basket
  • Bow Shaped Boardroom Table with V Legs and Full Inlay (Various Sizes)

    Bow Shaped Boardroom Table with V Legs and Full Inlay (Various Sizes)

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  • CEO Black Veneer Boardroom Table - Little Lots Furniture

    CEO Boardroom Table | Veneer Executive Conference Desk

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  • Chicago veneer Boardroom Table Macphersons - Little Lots Furniture

    Chicago Boardroom Table – Veneer 10 Seater Table

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  • Echo-Boardroom-Table

    Echo Boardroom Table

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  • Echo-Boardroom-Table-3600

    Echo Boardroom Table 10 – 20 Seater Boardroom Desk

    R6,500.00R12,500.00 Select options
  • embassy-veneer-boardroom-table-office-conference-table

    Embassy Boardroom Table

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  • mperor-executive-boardroom-table

    Emperor Executive Boardroom Table 14 to 16 Seater | Executive Desk

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  • Execuline Boardroom Table Little Lots Furniture Johannesburg

    Execuline Boardroom Table

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  • 2.5-Metres-Executive-Boardroom-Table-1

    Executive Boardroom Table – 2.5 Metres

    R7,839.50 R7,839.50 Add to basket
  • H011

    Formal Executive Boardroom Table – Leather Inlays

    R8,837.00 R8,837.00 Add to basket
  • H008

    Forum Executive Boardroom Table

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  • Sale!

    Get Together Executive Boardroom Table 6 to 8 seater

    R14,558.40 Select options
  • intergrated-steel-frame

    Integrated Steel Frame

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  • barell-legs-boardroom-table-rosewood-20-seater

    Kingdom Boardroom Table | Veneer Royal Mahogany Desk Set

    R47,298.00 R47,298.00 Add to basket
  • H012A

    Knight Boardroom Table | Boardroom Veneer Desk

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  • Trapezoid Modular Veneer Boardroom Desk

    Modular Boardroom Tables

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  • Evolution Boardroom Table Little Lots Furniture (1)

    Modular Measured Boardroom Table

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  • Mykonos-Server-Mon-Oak_HR-1

    Mykonos Boardroom Table 2.4 M

    R11,018.55 R11,018.55 Add to basket
  • boardroom-oval-white

    Oval Boardroom Table

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  • Oval-Shaped-Boardroom-Table-ekurhuleni-1

    Oval Shaped Boardroom Table 2.4M

    R4,300.00 R4,300.00 Add to basket
  • -15%

    Oval Shaped Boardroom Table 8 -10 Seater

    R5,087.50 R5,087.50 Add to basket
  • oval-table-with-panel-legs

    Oval Table with Panel Legs

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  • Pearl-Coimbra_HR

    Pearl Boardroom Table 2.4 M

    R10,148.55 R10,148.55 Add to basket
  • Modern Rectangular Meeting Table Centurion

    Rectangular Shell Meeting Table –

    R6,500.00R12,500.00 Select options
  • Boardroom-table-Box-Base Two Toned

    Reticulated Boardroom Table

    R4,500.00R6,500.00 Select options
  • revolution-stand-up-boardroom-table-white[27277]

    Revolution Stand-up Boardroom Table

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  • Sectional Boardroom table

    Sectional Boardroom Table

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  • Shell-meeting-table-8-oval-WT

    Shell Oval Meeting Table – Melamine

    R8,500.00R19,500.00 Select options
  • 07-Boardroom

    Smart Boardroom

    R6,498.70 R6,498.70 Add to basket
  • solaire-meeting-table

    Solaire Meeting Table

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  • Summit Boardroom Table

    Summit Boardroom Table | Veneer Boardroom Desk

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  • -25%

    Super150 6 Seater Boardroom Desks Cherry

    R4,860.00 R4,860.00 Add to basket
  • -21%
    Boardroom table with Panel legs supported by box panel for extra stability

    Super150 Rectangular Boardroom Table, 2400×1200 (6-8 seater)

    R4,320.00 R4,320.00 Add to basket
  • -21%

    Super150 Rectangular Boardroom Table, 2700×1200 (8-10 seater)

    R5,120.00 R5,120.00 Add to basket
  • LIFT RANGE - 2021

    Talkit Stand-Up Boardroom Table

    R17,082.45 R17,082.45 Add to basket
  • Trim-Squre-Table

    Trim Square Conference Table

    R2,574.92 R2,574.92 Add to basket
  • Vega Bar Stool Black

    Vega Bar Stool

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  • wave-modular-boardroom

    Wave Modular Boardroom

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  • Boardroom-table-Box-Base Two Toned

    White Line Boardroom Table

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