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  • concorde-mesh

    Mesh office Chair – All Mesh Chrome Office Seat

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  • Merryfair-Motion-Chair_Front-_RESIZED@2x

    Merryfair Motion Ergonomic Office Chair -High back

    R3,899.00 R3,899.00 Add to basket
  • -18%

    Xenon Netted High Back

    R3,190.00 R3,190.00 Add to basket
  • Nest-Operators

    Next Operators Chair

    R3,165.00 R3,165.00 Add to basket
  • Link-Sale-Discount-Store-Pretoria

    Link Baseline Mesh Back Visitor Office Chair

    R2,732.00 R2,732.00 Add to basket
  • Ergonomic-meshback-chairs-1

    Link Baseline operator

    R3,207.00 R3,207.00 Add to basket
  • -5%

    Merryfair reya Ergonomic Red Seat Mesh Office Chair

    R7,599.00 R7,599.00 Add to basket
  • merryfair-motion-mid-back-ergonomic-office-chair@2x

    Motion Ergonomic Office Chair – Mid Back

    R3,499.00 R3,499.00 Add to basket
  • Aylee Mesh-back-office-chair

    Aylee Mesh Back Office Chair

    R1,999.00 R1,999.00 Add to basket
  • Error image

    Litt Headrest Office Mesh Back Chair

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    Merryfair Reya Ergonomic Mesh Back Chair – TPE Grey

    R6,599.00 R6,599.00 Add to basket
  • -18%

    Move Visitors Mesh Chair

    R2,854.80 R2,854.80 Add to basket
  • -14%

    Move High Back Mesh Chair

    R3,497.50 R3,497.50 Add to basket
  • -17%

    Merryfair Flux Ergonomic High Back

    R3,238.80 R3,238.80 Add to basket
  • -5%

    Merryfair Tune Ergonomic High Back

    R4,800.00 R4,800.00 Add to basket
  • -5%

    Merryfair Reya Ergonomic Mesh Back Chair

    R7,599.00 R7,599.00 Add to basket
  • Sale!

    Razz Visitors Chair | Training

    R1,345.00R1,395.00 Select options
  • Sale!

    Hawk Operators Chair

    R2,220.00R2,260.00 Select options
  • The-One-Black

    The One Operators Chair

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  • Twist-Operators-1

    Twist Meshback Chair

    R1,495.00R2,220.00 Select options
  • Hornet-Operators-Front-View

    Hornet Meshback Chair

    R2,057.35R2,208.00 Select options
  • CH5702-BLUE-2

    Netting High Back – No Arms

    R2,480.00 Select options
  • sayl-ergonomic-chair-jpg

    Sayl Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair White

    R5,100.00 R5,100.00 Add to basket
  • Setu-meshback-Green-

    Setu Mesh Office Chair White Frame

    R3,899.00 Select options

    Setu Mesh Office Chair Black Frame

    R3,100.00 Select options
  • Error image

    Bentley Mesh Back Chair – Ergonomic Fabric Seating

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  • Mesh Back Office Chair Weight Tension controller Midrand

    Sigma Mesh Back

    R1,883.70 R1,883.70 Add to basket
  • CHB4300BLACK

    Black Knight Mesh Back Chair | Office Operator’s Seat Comfy

    R2,440.00R2,660.00 Select options
  • touch-operator-blue

    Touch Executive Mesh back Office Chair

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  • soviet-operators

    Soviet Pu Mesh Back Office Chair | Operators Chair

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  • tommy-visitors-chair

    Tommy Visitors Chair

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  • Tarzan-Executive-Front

    Mirage Ergonomic Office Chair Executive High Back

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  • Tarzan-Operators-Chair-Side

    Mirage Operators Mesh Back Chair

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