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Increased Performance using Modern Call Centre Designs

The modern call centre customer care agent’s job description and day-to-day duties have evolved. Some of these shifts are attributable to the epidemic, but the majority are the consequence of expanded duties that require more problem solving and contact with supervisors and other team members. But, more crucially, the environment in which space agents work should alter and adapt to accommodate these new and expanded tasks. To design the ideal environment to help your business attain its targets.
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Employee Safety Comes First in Curved Call Center Designs

Configurations must modify to improve workers’ safety when returning to work after COVID. The days of rows upon rows of agents almost brushing elbows are long gone. Employees can be more effective and focused on providing exceptional customer service with the help of glass panels that reduce noise. But, more significantly, workers are safe and secure, supporting a healthy workplace.

Introducing modern call center cubicles to your business can help in reconnecting your staff in a secure setting.

These curved modern call centre workstations have easily cleanable and sanitised surfaces. Non-porous materials are being used for screens, desks, and chairs, which support a hybrid work model. Hot-desking or several employees sharing a workspace throughout the week is still an option if some employees work from home part-time.

Layouts for Call Centers in the 21st Century to Encourage Teamwork

Most firms are nowadays struggling with high levels of turnover. Employees are resigning in a phenomenon known as the Great Resignation. Furthermore, many more employees elected not to return to work at all after the pandemic shutdown. To keep your team members, you must develop a sense of belonging. Create a modern call centre design in which supervisors can communicate directly with their employees. And no need to hover or micromanage. The call centre supervisor is in the thick of any problems and can offer immediate assistance, instruction, or support.

The height-adjustable desks are another significant component of this modern call centre arrangement. Ergonomic features have been shown to improve productivity. not only improve employee satisfaction but also their customer service scores as well. When designing your office layout, putting employee comfort and well-being, and a sense of community first, has a direct effect on retention and customer service.
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Maximize Performance with Limited Space

Productivity is more important than ever, with 74 percent of customer experience (CX) professionals expecting greater call centre volumes in 2020. To limit noise and distractions, give your staff their own workspaces. These curved call centre designs provide dedicated space for each employee while still not taking up more office space. The desk’s curved form provides more space for each team member. By giving your call centre employee the correct amount of space, smart workplace layouts can boost productivity.

Employees at the modern call center also expressed a higher level of job satisfaction and expressed the desire to stay with the company.

Haworth, an international workspace design firm, undertook a study that compared two quite distinct contact centres. One is more traditional (uniform cubicles, right angles, limited walkways), while the other is more contemporary (curved desks, brilliant colours, customizable/ergonomic workstations, collaborative areas). Agents at both call centres filled out surveys about their work performance measures.

Agents in the modern contact centre ranked after-call work time, first call resolution, and customer satisfaction is the top three criteria. The only area where traditional line employees outperformed was average handle time. Furthermore, the employees

In a Post-COVID Office, Call Centres

Many call centres changed to a work-from-home model in response to government directives. Although this strategy appears to be holding up for the moment being, isolation and a lack of assistance in the work-from-home call centre atmosphere “will take its toll on performance and agent attrition,” per a JD Power analysis. Customer data security, privacy concerns, and new employee onboarding and training are all issues that call centres adopting the work-from-home model face.


Introducing modern call centre cubicles to your business can help in reuniting your staff in a safe environment. Because community is so important to agent effectiveness, in-person work has to become a higher emphasis.

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