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Classic Eames Leather Chairs

Classic Eames Leather Chairs

Shop Vintage Look with Classic Eames Black in chrome frame available in Midback office Chair, Medium back Office Chair and High Back Office Chair in Leather  Mid-Century Modern Eames Swivel and tilt office chair

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classic Eames

Boardroom Chairs

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    Barrier Visitors Chair

    R2,757.00 R2,757.00 Add to basket
  • bodyline-visitors-sleigh

    Bodyline Ergo Visitors Chair – Sleigh Base Leather Upholstery

    R3,201.60 R3,201.60 Add to basket
  • Carbon-Family

    Carbon Ergo Operators Office Chair

    R4,915.90 R4,915.90 Add to basket
  • Como-New-ML-6283B

    Como Operators Leather Office Chair

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  • -15%

    DB016 Leather Visitor’s Chair

    R3,247.85 R3,247.85 Add to basket
  • dialogue-high-back

    Dialogue Office High back Chair

    R3,130.20R3,620.45 Select options
  • Evolve-HB-SALE-ONLINEjpg

    Evolve Office Chair

    R3,933.00 R3,933.00 Add to basket
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    Evolve Visitors Chair

    R2,889.00 R2,889.00 Add to basket
  • Bonded-Leather-Fire-s-Chair-1

    Fire-S Operators Chair

    R2,395.00 R2,395.00 Add to basket
  • ice-4-legged-visitors-chair

    Ice Four Legged Visitors Chair

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  • -24%
    Ice Visitors Mesh Back Chair

    Ice Visitors Office Chair – Mesh Back

    R1,500.00 R1,500.00 Add to basket
  • Link-Sale-Discount-Store-Pretoria

    Link Baseline Mesh Back Visitor Office Chair

    R2,732.00 R2,732.00 Add to basket
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    Mode Leather Highback Office Chair

    R2,713.00 R2,713.00 Add to basket
  • -18%

    Move Visitors Mesh Chair

    R2,854.80 R2,854.80 Add to basket
  • Peza-Entry-Level-Office-Chairs-1

    Peza Visitors Arm Chair

    R1,609.00 R1,609.00 Add to basket
  • T600-HB-10739

    T600 Visitors Sleigh Base Chair – Black Bonded Leather

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  • -15%

    Visitors Leather Chair DB063 | Veneer 4 Legged Chair

    R2,013.65 R2,013.65 Add to basket
  • CHW4703DGREY

    Wall Street Executive Visitors Chair

    R2,300.00R2,640.00 Select options

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