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Traditionally, Black Friday refers to the day after Thanksgiving (a holiday celebrated by Americans) and is marked by the start of Christmas/holiday shopping season ─ this is the main reason it became such a huge shopping event, with people preparing for the upcoming holidays.


    140L Wheel Bin Black PU

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  • executive-24-7-without-arms

    24/7 Operators Chair

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    4 Legged Wooden Visitors Chair | Veneer Wood Frame

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    4 Way Cluster Desk Connect Face to Face Bench System

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    A Frame 2 Way Cluster Desk Bench Solution

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    A Frame 4 Way Face to Face Cluster Desks

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    A Frame Face To Face 6 Way Cluster

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    A-Frame Single Computer Desk – Home Desk

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    Agent – 007 Server Unit | Veneer Server Unit

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  • Alu-High-back-Chrome-Office-chairzbt-977-fastrack

    Alu High Back Leather High Back – 5 Star Chrome Base

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  • S019-Aluminium-Framed-Sestem-Cabinet

    Aluminium Framed System Cabinet | Veneer Systems Cabinet

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  • Amarula-barstool-Natural


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  • Amber-coffee-table-1

    Amber Glass Coffee Table Chrome Legs

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    AMD A Series A8-9600 3.1GHz 2MB L2 Box processor

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    Aracna Side Arm PU Chair Steel Legs – PU Cafeteria Chair

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  • B045

    Athena Executive Desk | Royal Mahogany Veneer Set

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    Atlantic Executive Desk | Executive 3 Piece Veneer Desk

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    Back Mesh Office Chair – Features

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  • Heavy-Duty-Office-Chair

    Bentley Heavy Duty Executive Leather Chair

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  • Perspex Shields – desk screens

    Budget Desk Fitted Screen – Melamine Fabric Deviders

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    Classic Cushioned Office Chair

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  • Connect-6-way-cluster-complete-solution-midrand

    Connect 6 Way Cluster Desk Solution

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  • cosmopolitan-bar-chair

    Cosmopolitan Aluminium Bar Chair

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    Crisp Chrome

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The name of this major event first originated in Philadelphia and then spread across America and into the world as what we commonly know as the big day for shopping. Back then, the term ‘ Black Friday ’ pointed toward how businesses used to do their accounting and fill in their books. This reference dates back to when companies would move from being in the red (making a loss) to being in the black (making a profit).


In recent times, Black Friday has become a well-known global event of massive proportions that people look forward to and this is wholly attributed to the major price drops that are seen in this time. In fact, the adoption of the event from e-commerce sites has seen Black Friday reach new heights, thanks to the immense deals on offer. Black Friday has grown so much beyond just a one-day occasion however, as retailers now offer specials for up to a week long during that period.

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    ICE_High Back Mesh Chrome Chair

    Ice High Back Office Chair – Mesh back Chair

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    Ice Visitors Mesh Back Chair

    Ice Visitors Office Chair – Mesh Back

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  • s6000

    T600 High Back Chair – Black Bonded Leather

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Besides the main event, another day to look out for is Cyber Monday where deals, predominantly online, are said to drop even further.

For, it has become one of the biggest days of the year which always brings massive results thanks to the super deals on offer. Black Friday 2019 will fall on November the 29th. Naturally, the Monday that follows will be Cyber Monday, December 2nd 2019.

                                                          Black Friday Deals -Notebook


This Black Friday 2019, we offer you the best deals, the lowest prices and amazing discounts to cash in on.

What’s more, we will also make other great deals live, closer to the time. Stay tuned to get in on the action first. 

Online Chairs

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    Barrier Visitors Chair

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  • bodyline-visitors-sleigh

    Bodyline Ergo Visitors Chair – Sleigh Base Leather Upholstery

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  • Carbon-Family

    Carbon Ergo Operators Office Chair

    R4,915.90 R4,915.90 Add to basket
  • Como-New-ML-6283B

    Como Operators Leather Office Chair

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    DB016 Leather Visitor’s Chair

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  • dialogue-high-back

    Dialogue Office High back Chair

    R3,130.20R3,620.45 Select options
  • Evolve-HB-SALE-ONLINEjpg

    Evolve Office Chair

    R3,933.00 R3,933.00 Add to basket
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    Evolve Visitors Chair

    R2,889.00 R2,889.00 Add to basket
  • Bonded-Leather-Fire-s-Chair-1

    Fire-S Operators Chair

    R2,395.00 R2,395.00 Add to basket
  • ice-4-legged-visitors-chair

    Ice Four Legged Visitors Chair

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    Ice Visitors Mesh Back Chair

    Ice Visitors Office Chair – Mesh Back

    R1,500.00 R1,500.00 Add to basket
  • Link-Sale-Discount-Store-Pretoria

    Link Baseline Mesh Back Visitor Office Chair

    R2,732.00 R2,732.00 Add to basket
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    Mode Leather Highback Office Chair

    R2,713.00 R2,713.00 Add to basket
  • -18%

    Move Visitors Mesh Chair

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  • Peza-Entry-Level-Office-Chairs-1

    Peza Visitors Arm Chair

    R1,609.00 R1,609.00 Add to basket
  • T600-HB-10739

    T600 Visitors Sleigh Base Chair – Black Bonded Leather

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    Visitors Leather Chair DB063 | Veneer 4 Legged Chair

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  • CHW4703DGREY

    Wall Street Executive Visitors Chair

    R2,300.00R2,640.00 Select options

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